We need your help.

Uyghurs are Muslims that speak a language similar to Turkish and are located in the region of Central Asia. The highest populous area in China, home to the Uyghurs, is the Xinjiang region. Approximately 11 million Uyghurs live in Xinjiang. They are highly attacked and persecuted in many regions. The main goal of the Chinese Government is to condemn and suppress them into internment camps. The Chinese are successfully cleansing the Uyghur Muslims as we speak. They are forcing them to go against their religion by eating pork, drinking alcohol, and skipping prayer. They are also undergoing many inhumane activities such as sexual abuse, torture, death, and forced labor. There are over 1 million Muslims being detained in these camps. We need your help to save these people before it’s too late and the Uyghur Muslims become extinct; we live in a point in time were our voices can be heard – and they must.

As we speak there are currently around 1.2 million muslims being forced against their practices, and being killed and raped if they refuse since as early as 2017. To put this number into perspective this is about one third of the victims of the holocaust, approximately 6% of the Jewish population.

Three years too many

How can we help?

In order to make a tangible change we must all take responsibility in fighting against the mass murder of the Uyghur muslims. We must all take a second to realize that this is greater than ourselves as individuals and we must unite to succeed. We are currently raising money to be sent directly to humanity programs plotting for the next steps in our fight. If you are able to donate we ask that you visit the ‘Donate’ page of our website and explore which option suits you best. If you are unable to financially contribute there are a list of numbers you can call demanding a change be made. And finally, we ask that you share this website with a friend, colleague, or family member, asking them to educate themselves on the matter at hand.

We cannot succeed without your help. Thank you.

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